July 31, 2010

Guilty Pleasures

Up this week- procrastination! Oh how I have missed the sweet kiss of my old friend. First week back at uni and the world outside of white blood cells seems so much shinier.

Discovery of the decade: Modcloth.com how did I live without your retro inspired dresses before?
Say hello to frills, old fashioned necklines and kooky 'apartment' goods. Also, take a minute to appreciate their witty names for products.

Call of duty 2 for cooperative playing goodness. Loving the sniper action, the gunships, the many weapons. Be still my beating heart! (My hands need to be steady for long distance firing).

This week I'm reading Dexter in the Dark  which is the third book by Jeff Lindsay about the serial killer with a code to kill killers- Dexter Morgan. I've just started it straight after reading book two (I'd give it a rating of 4/5). I salute you! And also can't help but wonder if you get a lot of hate mail from people saying you condone murder...

Failblog.org never fails to amuse. Check out the Wedinator section for more hilarity.


  1. They had a set of unicorn key-covers that i thought would be awesome for someone's birthday! That site is such a procrastination tool..

  2. Haha, everytime I see unicorns I think of Caity