July 21, 2010

Movie in Review: Eclipse

Die hard fans of the Twilight series flocked to cinema's when Eclipse first came out about a fortnight ago. There was an excess of black eyeliner, 'Team Edward', 'Team Jacob', and over zealous forty-something mother's who looked like they might wet themselves if the movie wouldn't start soon.

Laugh out loud awkward- that's my description of the Bella/Ed moments onscreen. He's not meant to be in pain when he makes out with her at this point in their relationship, he's gotten over it- but still he looks like he's having his appendix out while awake and unanaesthetised. On the upside, Bella is far better looking in this film, which is weird... I'm not sure what they've done to her face/hair/eyebrows but it's good (see her progression below). Her acting is improving as well.

Obviously if you've read the books you know the storyline and if you're a fan, like I am, you have probably seen it already. Jasper speaks! Hooray, he was a good character in the books and I think they should have used him more in the first two films. Thank goodness they have a new actor for Victoria, she's much better looking in this one, and more convincing.
Edward is creepier and more possesive than ever- removing a piece of her truck so she can't go visit Jacob, lying to her so she'll go to her mum's for the weekend.... Oh and watching her sleep still.
Meanwhile, Jacob is disturbingly hot for his age and the kiss between him and Bella is far more breathtaking than any constipaed BellaWard action.

Plot-wise it was silly that Bella is the only one who figured out Victoria was behind the baby vamp army- That's stupid. I mean, she hangs round with a group of vampies who are mostly ancient! Surely they would have figured it out... Of course that's from the book and the movie is just sitting on that template.

Eclipse is by far the best of the three movies, and I'm looking forward to the horror of two things in the next film. 1. The wedding night... and 2. the birth scene. Oh god I hope there's a lot of blood!

Characters: 3/5
Plot: 3/5
Graphics: 3/5
Sexiness: 3/5
Rating: 3/5 And I bet your grandma would think you were insane for liking it if you took her along.


  1. AGREED! Defs better than the first or second instalments! However, when Jacob was carrying her to the campsite, did you notice her foot brushed against a fern? (hiding-scent FAIL)


  2. I didn't notice! I also didn't get an email saying someone had commented on my blog...!

  3. I find Jacob a better character because I can understand him more (and he's hot). I mean, he's angry and frustrated - I get that. Edward looks constipated for most of the movie(s). It just seems like Bella and Jacob make a more natural pair, they have way more chemistry on screen. I enjoyed your description: 'laugh out loud awkward'. Definitely agreed with that!

  4. Jacob definitely makes more sense as a character, I completely agree. Edward is so wooden!