August 23, 2010

New book reviews coming soon!

Just got a couple of new books in the mail from my online shopping binge at all wrapped separately in neat little packages.

So expect the next review to be on- House of God by Samuel Shem. I've heard a lot about this one so I have high expectations.

Also- Lasher by Anne Rice (my favourite author)

And some other dirty novel I don't remember ordering...

August 20, 2010

Review: Aeon Flux

Charlize Theron stars as the sexy, leather-clad, heroine/villain/freedom fighter in this sci-fi action extravaganza. Released in 2008 it's worth watching, or re-watching, if you're after an female-led action flick with the inevitable gymnastics that come with being a female assassin and the weird four-handed sidekick.

The plot is pretty easy to follow with the odd twist thrown in for the hell of it, characters are thrown into the movie without much background (which I prefer but some may find slightly impersonal). Very little blood, fancy moves, and some interesting costume designing.

Characters- 3.5/5
Watchability- 4/5
Action- 3.5/5
Blood- 2/5 not enough
Cool Gadgets- 4.5/5
Overall score- 3/5

August 17, 2010

Dreaming of November...

November is a wonderful month, it smells like Christmas, tastes like freedom and crushes our souls with exams. November is also the month to write yourself a novel with NANOWRIMO (national novel writing month) where you start writing on the 1st and aim to finish a 50 000 word novella by midnight on the 30th. The closest I came was 30 000 words in 2008 but unfortunately those bastard completely necessary exams cut into the old writing time. I think I'll give it another shot this year for funsies and hopefully I'll reach the target by spending hours listening to The Fray and staying up til the sun rises.

August 7, 2010

Book Review: The picture of Dorian Gray

I love love love this book! It's short but manages to be philosophical and relevant even 120 years later!

Why do I keep a special part of my bookshelf reserved for this splendiferous short novel?
  • Lord Henry says something outstandingly philosophical every time he opens his mouth, and each time you reread the book you agree with him a little more. You won't agree with everything he says though, you'll understand where he's coming from however.
  • Love, tragedy, philosophy, art, murder, intrigue. You name it, it's here.

Moral of the story: living a life of selfish debauchery makes you an ugly bastard.... well that's sort of half of the story

The Picture of Dorian Gray is by Oscar Wilde.

Plot: 4/5 Excellent!
Characters: 5/5 I'm especially fond of Lord Henry
Total: 5/5 READ this book! Buy a copy, buy two copies!

August 1, 2010

Flatten that tum

For best results start off with a few minutes of jogging on the spot to get your heart rate up, and don't forget to stretch.

1. The plank.
Try and keep those stomach muscles nice and tight and maintain your body in a straight line. Try to hold it for two minutes, then switch to the next exercise.

2. Lateral plank (aka Side plank)
Try to keep that body straight again, make sure your bottom doesn't drop down towards the floor. If it's too hard to start off with, try leaning on the elbow of that arm instead. Make sure you look up towards the hand that isn't supporting you so that you don't strain your neck, and don't wear socks- you need traction. Again hold it for two minutes.