November 27, 2010

Book in Review: Love Letters (Katie Fforde)

I'm not usually one for romance novels, I prefer the romance to be a side story in an action packed adventure, but I put aside my pride and picked up this book from best selling author Katie Fforde. I have to say that the cover art for her books is quite pleasing to the eye, unfortunately I've been unable to snoop the name of that person.

But to the storyline: Single, white, virgin (Laura Horsley) meets the experienced and sexy, Irish author (Dermot Flynn). Laura struggles to overcome her shyness, grows up a bit by taking on the responsibility of a book festival and takes the fancy of the delicious author who just happens to have writers block.

It's predictable, like most romance novels, the main character is kind of pathetic and the leading man is the typical love interest. Throw in a gay male friend and a rock star female friend and you've got yourself a book.

Okay, so maybe I didn't put my preconceptions aside. But before you roll your eyes and shut down the tab I will say that I read it from start to finish (which I couldn't do with The feast of all saints by my favourite author, Anne Rice) and even though I knew what was going to happen I still wanted to read about it happening. So all in all I actually enjoyed it.

I good fluffy read, I'd recommend it for a relaxing weekend.

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