November 29, 2010

Movie Review: Life as We Know It.

Starring Katherine Heigl and the oh so sexy Josh Duhamel (take me now. Oh shut up, I know he's married to Fergie) play in the squishy, baby-loving movie about love and, well, a (surprise) baby.

Heigl plays her usual single, mildly successful (but love lorn) self and Duhamel plays his usual muscular, mildly successful, cad self.

They're the two best friends of a couple who gets married, die in an accident and leave their baby behind. You're introduced to the obviously-going-to-get-it-on-at-some-point pair as they are set up on a blind date by the couple in an attempt to hook them up. The date goes horribly with Josh being a complete ass and Katherine hating on him forever more.

So they end up getting thrown together with this baby who they're the godparents of because the couple appointed them as the guardians. Add in some cutesy baby moments, the inevitable arguments, another man and a job offer and you've got yourself a movie.

What's the verdict? Well, predictable- yes. If you've seen the preview that's pretty much the movie. I thought it was a sweet movie, with some genuinely funny scenes. Josh made the movie for me, I'd watch him mowing the lawn (or doing pretty much anything) as long as his shirt was off.

ps. in case you were wondering- yes he does take his shirt off. <3

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