December 6, 2010

Book in review: Dexter is Delicious

The fifth book from Jeff Lindsay is better than the last (which was pretty good too), get ready to be thrown to the lions in book five with Dexter juggling family and work and his secret hobby.

Jeff gets into Dexter's soul in this book, if he has one, messes with his emotions and has him kidnapped, beaten and almost eaten. Very very entertaining, definitely not one for the kiddies with the killing and the drug references and adult themes. Lindsay certainly has a gift for spinning a tale of mystery and suspense and feeds your own dark passenger with his gruesome line of thought.

The books at this point do not follow the storyline as seen on the TV series, and you really do have to read them in order. But it's well worth your cashola if you've got a strong stomach and a love of justice in its purest form.

10/10 I can't wait for the next book!

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