December 4, 2010

What's on TV: Dexter

One of my special fictional lusts loves in print and on the small screen is nearing the end of its fifth season, Dexter.

Miami's finest blood spatter expert and serial killer, Dexter Morgan, lights up my screen for twelve bloody good episodes each season, which is too few if you ask me. Anyone who likes seeing people get what they deserve, will appreciate Dexter's methods of dispatching with some of the worst offenders in his 'jurisdiction'.

Dexter is joined by his adoptive sister Debra, his father Harry (who's dead), Sergeant Batista, Vince Masouka, and various 'playmates' (or victims, if you prefer). Dexter is a killer with a code to kill killers, often times you'll wish he'd kill other people on the show too.

The books are worth reading (though book 3 is a bit wacky) and only follow parallel to the TV series in the first book, after that it's a dirty free for all. But it's the TV series that truly has my heart.

With season 4 ending heart wrenchingly with the death of a main character (which saw me crying at my desk at 1am watching the ep) season 5 has the delicious addition of Julia Stiles as Lumen Pierce has fans grinning at his new partner in crime.

10/10 every time >>Dexter has not lost its way in five seasons.

UPDATE: Dexter renewed for sixth season, Of course!

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