January 29, 2011

Movie in review: Black Swan

I have two words to describe this movie: Effing Weird.
The acting is good, the sets are good, the special effects are good, the music is excellent, the dancing is beautiful and the lead actress is the stunning Natalie Portman... But that doesn't stop this movie from being so dark and confusing and disturbing and dirty, in equal measures, that the audience left in the most sombre mood I have ever experienced.

Natalie plays a very convincing, insane, ballerina who gets progressively crazier as the movie swoops on, and on and on. You'll cringe, you'll gasp, you might even get a little turned on- but it's still effing weird.

My interpretation of this movie is as follows:
I suspect that those who enjoy artsy-type movies will find this to be an intriguing piece of visual art... but I just think it was effing weird. And I can't even think of a rating. I wouldn't see it twice, even though I'm madly in love with Natalie Portman.

Rating: WTF
Perhaps you can tell me what you thought of it...

January 24, 2011

Movie in review: Morning Glory

I admit that I wasn't expecting much from this movie, despite the three seasoned actors involved, and I certainly wasn't expecting to get as many laughs from it as I did. Having no companion to accompany me to said movie, I seated myself in the middle of the theatre and was soon joined by several over the hill middle-aged couples who shared my love of Harrison Ford (Old-man-crush alert. Don't lie, he did it for you as Han Solo, or better yet, Indiana Jones).
Anyway, my initial thought was 'How can you seriously make an entire movie about a morning show?' and I think the answer to that question is to have an adorable Rachel McAdams playing the lead with huge backing from movie juggernauts like old Harrison and the (surprisingly attractive for an older lady) Diane Keaton. If the two news anchors had been replaced with B grade actors (or worse) this movie would have been complete crap. But, I have to admit that I enjoyed the movie and even teared up at the ending (But don't tell anyone).

Still- I'm going to be hard on it and say 3/5 (which is harsh for me), because it's no masterpiece, but it isn't totally lame like I thought it would be.

January 6, 2011

Movie in review: Tangled

Maybe I've been extremely lenient on my previous movie reviews, they all seem to score so highly- but I have to give this one a five out of five. Disney has my heart in a shiny filigree cage, filled with animated daisies, paper lanterns and 3D inquisitive fluffy bunnies.

Tangled is a warm and modern look at the age-old Rapunzel fairytale; with an evil old woman/witch (Mother Gothel- I think the name refers to her gothic style of dress), an adorable chameleon side kick (Pascal), a handsome young thief (Flynn), and Maximus the entertaining horse.

Disney is the master of concocting a movie with just the right amount of laughter with tear jerking moments and the magic of beautiful backdrops. There is nothing more perfect than the Disney view of the world in bright greens and electric blue butterflies, songs for every emotion, and castles with pleasant kings and queens and clean streets with loyal and happy subjects.

In short, I want to live in the kingdom of Disney, and this movie rocked.

Go see it! Spend your dimes.