January 3, 2013

Three bedrooms, one corpse Charlaine Harris

Written in 1994 and one of the 'Aurora Teagarden Mystery Series', I picked this up at the Subiaco Elizabeths Bookstore simply because any book written by this mistress of mystery needs to be on my shelf. This is the first I've read in this series, and it's not the first of the series, but it wasn't hard to follow at all.

Roe Teagarden has recently come into some money and quit her job as the local librarian, she doesn't have special powers like Charlaine's usual female characters, but she can solve a good mystery. Anywho, she decides to have a look into the real estate business her mother runs to see if she'd like to join in, next thing she knows she's showing a house and there's a dead naked real estate agent propped up in one of the rooms like a budget BDSM porno.

Add a dash of sexy romance with a new, older, man who has a smidgen of danger about him and the question of 'is he the murderer?'... but he's so hot! What about that creepy guy down the road? Probably a red herring. As per usual, the characters have depth and the killer might surprise you.

Four stars!

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