June 30, 2013

Man of Steel 2013

Henry Cavill gets serious about Superman on the backdrop of an epic soundtrack.

Let me just start by saying, holy-cow Batman, where did they find this beautiful, manly, built, chiseled, broody, kind-faced, amazing, perfect, scrumptious man?
... Oh wait, he was in Immortals, but this hair-style really suits him, and unbelievably he's managed to bulk up more.

Ignore the critic reviews and go watch this on the big screen.
The story development behind his launch into space from Krypton includes an impressive (actually likeable) portrayal of Jor-El by Russell Crowe, and is just the right length to develop the context that shapes his powers, his fathers role in the rest of the movie, and to show some pretty cool alien technology.

 I've read a few articles saying that Cavill lacks emotion, and is too serious, but I think these critics lack the necessary sections of their brain to read between the lines and interpret his non-verbal actions in context. I think he has realistically portrayed an intelligent Superman who makes a selfless decision to reveal himself to the people of Earth, with all of his misgivings in tow, and manages to eloquently insert himself into a paranoid government-controlled situation with his dignity and privacy intact. This is a man who has tried for his entire life to hide his differences, been forced to distance himself from others and still can't help saving people even at risk to himself. The stoic facial expression described by several articles is spot on with the character he is playing. And he mixes it perfectly with his gentle I'm-not-going-to-harm-you smiles.
Now we come to the inevitable fight scenes where Superman and the bad-guy Kryptonians smash each other through buildings and blow things up. Lots of explosions and punching and shooting.

There are two things I didn't really like in this movie
1) The fighting did seem to involve repetitive flying into building scenes
2) Lois Lane and Superman kiss was no where near as hot as it could have been

But these weren't enough to over-shadow the best Superman movie ever made.
All hail the lack of red undies.
And someone get me this guys number.

5 stars.

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