June 30, 2013

World War Z (2013)

After watching the trailer for this movie I was convinced it would be a huge snore. And I am forced to admit that I was wrong, sometimes you can't judge a movie by its trailer.

Brad Pitt plays Gerry Lane, an ex-UN veteran investigator who has left his job to raise his two girls with his wife, Karin. The beginning of the movie starts off with a series of predictable events, including taking special effort to mention that the eldest daughter has asthma and needs to pack her inhalers before they all hop in the car. The family relationships are all a bit cliche and wooden to start off with as they open with the kids waking the parents up, pancakes all round, lots of jabs at each other. Oh my aren't we a happy family. Meh.

But don't walk out before the first ten minutes is over, because it gets exponentially better after the opening scenes. The fear builds as the city is rapidly infected with zombieness around them from the slightest bite wound and the family is forced to flee.
Ultimately he is rescued via helicopter to a carrier ship where a bunch of (only useful) people are residing and ends up leading a mission to find the origin and cure for the disease.

Brad does a good job of playing the concerned father/family man and hardened UN vet/army man- a role his is probably well experienced with now. And we're all happy when he gets his family to safety so he can concentrate on killing more zombies.

Suspense, check. Shooting, stabbing and blowing shit up, check. Gory zombie goodness, check.
Aside from the beginning of the film, I really loved this movie. I thought the worldwide reaction and the individual reactions were realistic for an apocalyptic adventure. There are even a few events you won't see coming, and some that will be glaringly obvious.

4 Stars!

A few flaws (spoiler alert)
1. Zombies are suddenly faster than humans, despite being, uh, dead.
2. If the camouflage were to work in the way they say it does, that the body is no longer a health host, why wouldn't all the people injured (as he is later) be ignored by the zombies? And how do they know they are sick?
3. Zombies turn in 8 seconds, if I remember correctly, that is some seriously fast infection.
4. Zombies, dead, with skin dropping off, cataracts and looking like shit, are attracted to sound. You're telling me that their eardrums remained intact? vibration would have been less of a stretch. And how can they see through that milky lens?

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